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If someone asked you what the meaning of your life is, what would you say?  Would it change over time?  Do you even have an answer?   Many of us simply want to be happy, but what exactly does that mean?  If we aren't always happy, what keeps us going when things are difficult or stressful?  Instead of the pursuit of happiness, perhaps we can benefit by focusing on the pursuit of meaning and purpose.

As Victor Frankl wrote in Man's Search for Meaning, mentally enduring the concentration camps of the Holocaust wasn't about seeking happiness, but instead was about finding meaning in every moment, no matter how small, to carry him through the difficult times.  Through his life's work, he discovered that identifying a specific purpose for living was the best path to finding happiness.  In other words, "have a reason to be happy".

Join me as I dive deep into thoughtful conversations with people who are living with a distinct sense of meaning and purpose.  Each of my guests live with intention and a heightened sense of present-moment awareness.  Many have specific mindfulness practices such as meditation that keep them in touch with their internal observer, allowing them to connect with their inner wisdom and intuition.  Through these deep-dive interviews, reflect on your own life and where you might find opportunities to connect with meaning and purpose.  

Thanks for listening!